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#634 fixed PiratePad som projekt i trac Richie Gonte

Reported by Gonte, 13 years ago.


Som titeln, saknar PiratePad som projekt i tracs ;)

#635 fixed Cred till Etherpad speakman Gonte

Reported by Gonte, 13 years ago.


I standardtexten i en ny pad skulle det kunna stå typ "Powered by Etherpad, hosted by Piratpartiet."

#638 wontfix Byt ikon för .odt-export redhog Gonte

Reported by Gonte, 13 years ago.


Inkom via e-post #81919 --

I notice two errors, one easy to fix the other harder to fix.

1) The easy one is that the icon for exporting pad to the opendocument format uses a small image of the Linux Mascot, Tux.

While there are interrelationships between open source, open standards and linux, open standards are separate from both open source and linux.

Any project or product, whether open or closed, can make use of open

standards. Further, the main (perhaps sole) opponent to open standards has spent a lot on confusing and conflating the separate concepts.

It'd be really great to thus use a distinct icon for the opendocument format. The Piratpartiet could make their own or grab one of these:

If the icon could be fixed upstream in Etherpad, that would be even better.

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