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#225 fixed Admin -> karta länk speakman JorgenL

Reported by JorgenL, 14 years ago.


Länk från adminsida för kommun till motsvarande kartsida.

Info om att man som admin kan justera position för lokalerna på både adminsidan och på kartsidan när man är inloggad.

#276 invalid Admininterface speakman JorgenL

Reported by JorgenL, 14 years ago.


Förslag: På den kommunala adminsidan, en checkbox nånstans i överdelen på adminsidan som heter "Visa dolda Valdistrikt" När man slagit på visning av dolda så ska dessa visas med grå bakgrund så man ser vilka det är.

Sen finns det två olika varianter som en dold valkrets sk kunna hanteras på.

I ena fallet så är den felaktigt dold, och är egentligen en egen lokal som råkade heta samma som den den blev hopslagen med, och då ska den kunna "återupplivas" fullt ut, med egen distributör etc. Detta bör kunna göras med en länk som heter "Gör om detta till en helt separat lokal på egen adress."

I andra fallet vill man visa den, men den ligger faktiskt på samma ställe som den den är ihopslagen med, så den ska inte ha distributör, men den kanske ska ha egna värdar för att den har en annan ingång tex. Detta kan göras med en länk, "Gör det möjligt att boka värdar separat till detta distrikt"

I bägge fallen bör det visas en javascript-confirm som förklarar vad det är man håller på att göra.

#1201 invalid Advantages of choosing a Good Sms Reseller Software package Richie anonymous

Reported by anonymous, 12 years ago.


Advantages of choosing a Good Sms Reseller Software package

Mobile brief texting service marketing campaign is a huge hit among approaching and more successful business owners and entrepreneurs. Experts term it as being an effective and many important promotional funnel. To be able to exploit this particular service 1 desire to make utilization of their best potential. The users have to the begining their own creativity and creativity. The benefits of using a good  Sms reseller software program tend to be immense. The actual businessmen simply need to expression an interesting keyword. Bear in mind, the keyword ought to be carefully related to your own brand or item. After that market this particular key phrase via varied advertising stations. Add a stylish line using the keyword to trap the interest from the focus on clients.

Reseller Sms service is an effective as well as effective advertising tool. Expose more offers as well as marketing strategies to get response from the clients. Keep in mind, company is the actual full from the marketplace. An effective advertising tool, methods, business plan, promotional strategies will make sure higher profit. A small error can cause costly damage as well as incorrect notion concerning the business. Nonetheless, it requires right and correct information to take working to the following level. A great bulk  Sms reseller will definitely offer you simple, flexible as well as flexible service. Sms advertising requires all accurate features. It's notable as an useful and useful platform.

The advantages of using a great Sms reseller software program are large. These days, numerous companies are benefitting in the considered marketing via test communications. Today, the written text messages possess proceeded to go in front of the dominion associated with strictly personal uses. The  bulk Sms reseller support has got the capability to promote in order to millions of customers. Sms marketing represents lucrative selling. It's considered as a way to generate the actual companyâ??s products and services. In addition, this saves each money and time. In contrast to television commercials, it does not need huge or bulk investments. Actually small-scale businesses are using the text support.

Offerring communications to customers and clients via text have grown to be common. It guarantees lucrative and profitable outcome. The actual  reseller Sms support aids the actual entrepreneurs to manage and communicate with large number of customers. Individuals barely by pass any text messages. Thus, as compared to internet marketing it is much more efficient. Consequently, the benefits of utilizing a great Sms reseller software program tend to be huge. The numbers of individuals who react to the written text communications are also higher. People do respond to the appealing and fascinating key phrases. Furthermore, this could build the brand picture as well.

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