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The Trac User and Administration Guide


Provide a list of known InterTrac prefixes.


Insert an alphabetic list of all wiki pages into the output. Accepts a …


List all pages that have recently been modified, grouping them by the day …


Display a structural outline of the current wiki page, each item in the …


Embed an image in wiki-formatted text. The first argument is the file …


Display a list of all installed Wiki macros, including documentation if …


Produce documentation for the Trac configuration file. Typically, this …


List all known mime-types which can be used as WikiProcessors. Can be …


Display a table of content for the Trac guide. This macro shows a quick …


Display help for trac-admin commands. Examples: […]


Wiki macro listing tickets that match certain criteria. This macro …


Display the list of available repositories. Can be given a …


Provide a description list for the known InterWiki prefixes.


Generate a table of contents for the current page or a set of pages. If no …

The TracGuide is meant to serve as a starting point for all documentation regarding Trac usage and development. The guide is a free document, a collaborative effort, and a part of the  Trac Project itself.

Table of Contents

Currently available documentation:

Support and Other Sources of Information

If you are looking for a good place to ask a question about Trac, look no further than the  MailingList. It provides a friendly environment to discuss openly among Trac users and developers.

See also the TracSupport page for more information resources.